Content Discovery. Powerful, Predictive Content Based on Artificial Intelligence.

Research, identify and outline Topic Pillars and Topic Clusters based on our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm.  Topic Pillars and Topic Clusters will be endemic to your vertical and/or business and designed to deliver against your KPIs.

Topic clusters are a multitude of content pieces that live on your website and are all linked to a common, overarching subject (known as pillar content). As a single unit, all your topic clusters work to provide comprehensive insight on the pillar content.  Pillar content is generally focused around a broad keyword with a high search volume, whereas topic clusters are focused on more specific keywords with smaller (attainable) search volumes.

Content Creation. Stand Out From The Crowd.

Write highly engaging and compelling content that is based on your identified Topic Pillars and Topic Clusters.

Once we have your content written, we then publish it across your owned channels including your blog, website and social channels. When we create any sort of content, the golden rule has always been (and always will be) to make it all about the user. This tidbit of wisdom is something that pretty much every marketer knows by now, however, it’s relatively easy to miss the mark. The main objective is to bridge the gap between what the person enters into a search engine and how we can bring them to their end goal.

Paid Media. Extend Your Reach.

Promote your content through an omni-channel paid media strategy, which is powered through artificial intelligence.

Engage with prospective and/or existing customers through a full-funnel omni-channel approach.  We identify and target the right audience at the right place at the right time, which drives KPI success.  We strategically buy “the person” agnostic of where they are or which device they are using, then relentlessly optimize towards your KPIs.  A fully realized digital marketing plan involves many moving pieces. Ensuring you get in front of your ideal audience at the perfect moment, and to track the full customer journey, all comes down to the technology you’re using. Get Content Marketing’s experience and partnerships with premier tools and martech innovators will help you get the most out of your marketing dollars and match you with the best options for your goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Content with intent.

Take your SEO content to the next level. Increase your topic relevancy and authority by publishing content that people are actively looking forward to reading and sharing.

Search engine optimization has evolved over the years. With the addition of artificial intelligence (Rank Brain) as factors in Google Ranking algorithms, the field of search engine optimization has shifted drastically. If your current agency is giving you meta title and header tag recommendations, they are probably missing the whole point of content marketing. The truth is, if you have aspirational keyword sets that you wish to rank for, you need a lot more than keywords. You need a topic pillar with supporting subtopics that nurture the aspirational keyword topics that you are striving for. If you want to rank for a topic, you have to have content which supports that topic. At Get Content Marketing, we take SEO to the next level, by not only helping you find topics to write about, but to help you create a holistic content structure that will not only help with rankings but content which will help activate customers who read our content.

Content Analysis. 100% Transparent Analytics.

Maximize ROI through actionable insights and content optimization.

We constantly measure and optimize Topic Pillars, Topic Content and the content itself based on transparent data and KPI analytics. With the pressure to continually prove ROI on marketing spend, marketers are tasked with wading through immense amounts of data to understand what worked in the past and how to optimize for the future. It is no longer enough to just answer what happened. Our role is to uncover the “whys” so we can confidently and predictably improve our clients’ future performance.  This kind of intelligence is made possible when combining cutting edge marketing and data sciences with traditional performance analytics. Our analytics team is comprised of storytellers, detectives, and activists, tasked with surfacing the most relevant and important stories told by the numbers, creating actionable insights that give brands the competitive edge through strategic content marketing.

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